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oooh, i think the diaphanous nightgown *with* the silver stilletos would be fabulous!!

Jenny Nybro Peterson

Good tips, Jean Ann! Imma gonna go take down those CD's hanging on my balcony right now! On to the silver stilletos.....

Christine Johnson

Thank you so much for they hysterical post. I'm going to run and put away all my filmy nightgowns . . .

Rebecca Sweet

Thank you SO much for the tips! I had totally forgot about the 'don't leave stinking carcasses in your garden' one! I'd better go and get that dead moose out of my vegetable bed right now......

susan morrison

Timely advice! Particularly enjoyed that you provide tips for a range of budgets. Often garden writers assume that everyone can afford the latest and greatest when it comes to repelling the undead, but DIYers are just as likely to have werewolf troubles as those with full time gardeners.

H. Mark Delman

I've had great success using garlic. Not a single warewolf in my garden this year. And it also works against vampires. Sadly, aphids seem not to be too troubled by garlic. Oh well, you can't expect it to work on everything.


Awesome! Ah-woooooooo!

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