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You asked for comments on raising chickens so here you go. I kept about 6 chickens when I was growing up and they were really easy to care for. We just put them in a pen with a wire roof and a chicken house and they were safe from predators. We collected buckets of snails for them (treats) and threw out corn and feed mixed with calcium supplements. We gave them lettuce and fruit rinds and they loved every peck.

We never had any trouble with disease, but I think we were just lucky.

They continued to lay eggs up until they died. I think that is rare, but there it is.

I don't have them now because I don't have a way to keep them safe from neighborhood children or dogs. Also, there is the vacation thing that Amanda mentioned. I think it might be asking too much of our friends to feed our cats, dog and chickens.

Jean Ann you are right about keeping them penned in. It really is safer for them and for your yard. The chicken tractors are really great.
Once we build a better fence, I will have a flock.

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