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can't wait to hear the interview. Susan is one of the very best people in the garden-editorial world and you two get brownie points from me for featuring her!!! I want to know when the podcast is up and running, yeah!

Susan Appleget Hurst

Thanks for the bump for kale! I've been a big fan ever since I discovered Red Russian and Lacinato. So many people think that kale is that frilly pink leaf used as a garnish on buffet tables. The tall varieties are way better than that. I usually saute it with olive oil and garlic, but when I have the time, I make a kale gratin with Gruyere that is to die for!

And thanks for the nice comment, Debra!

Richard Thieltges

In Montana where I garden in zone 4, we think of Kale as a late fall vegetable. We plant it in the spring and it comes into harvesting stage in the fall when other greens have bolted. I have personally seen it withstand repeated temps in the twenties and low teens with no damage.

As to bitterness, there are huge differences between varieties. The only variety I grow now is White Russian. It is so sweet that you can snack on it directly from the garden, and add it to salads. It is hard to find, I get mine from Irish Eyes ( www.irish-eyes.com )


Richard, I love White Russian...and had a wonderful crop of a couple of kinds of kales that overwintered here in my zone 7-8 garden in Portland. I have never found that my kale gets bitter...but then I generally use it as an ingredient in recipes rather than a stand alone.

Thanks for the tip!

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